Monday, March 31, 2008

Top 10 - 2008 Hybrids

The hybrid vehicle typically achieves greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), resulting in fewer emissions being generated. These savings are primarily achieved by four elements of a typical hybrid design:

1. recapturing energy normally wasted during braking etc.;
2. having significant battery storage capacity to store and reuse recaptured energy;
3. shutting down the gasoline or diesel engine during traffic stops or while coasting or other idle periods;
4. relying on both the gasoline (or diesel engine) and the electric motors for peak power needs resulting in a smaller gasoline or diesel engine sized more for average usage rather than peak power usage.

No. 1: Toyota Prius
MSRP: $21,100
EPA-estimated mileage (city/highway, mpg): 48/45


No. 2: Saturn Vue Green Line
MSRP: $24,170
EPA-estimated mileage: 25/32


No. 3: Honda Civic Hybrid
MSRP: $22,600
EPA-estimated mileage: 40/45


No. 4: Toyota Camry Hybrid
MSRP $25,200
EPA-estimated mileage: 33/34


No. 5: Lexus RX 400h
MSRP: $41,280
EPA-estimated mileage: 27/24


No. 6: Toyota Highlander Hybrid
MSRP: $33,700
EPA-estimated mileage: 27/25


No. 7: Ford Escape Hybrid
MSRP: $26,505
EPA-estimated mileage: 34/30


No. 8: Chevrolet Tahoe 2 Mode Hybrid
MSRP: $49,590
EPA-estimated mileage: 21/22


No. 9: Saturn Aura Green Line
MSRP: $22,140
EPA-estimated mileage: 24/32


No. 10: Lexus GS 450h
MSRP: $54,900
EPA-estimated mileage: 22/25


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