Saturday, June 5, 2010

'T - PO' by Jay (Wen Chieh) Wen (Winner - professional Category)

T-PO is a three wheel, two seat car with a ‘robot-looking’ direction behind the surface language to give occupants a feeling of privacy and protection. The 2.7 meter long car is also notable for having a ball front wheel and rear wheels on legs that retract in from the shown positions to aid maneuverability.

Wen, who is from New Zealand, describes the car as “having layers of surfaces growing out of the object to give a look that feels alive, and which also provides the driver with privacy and a protected feeling”. It was designed to “stand out from the crowd by expressing personality and the joy of using transportation, and as a multi-functional vehicle that brings fun and convenience in one”.

The design takes automotive, product and motorbike form languages, mixes them and convincingly adds something fresh to deliver a very advanced, 2028 design aesthetic.