Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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nissan juke
Nissan Juke, fun in the compact

Nissan Juke has really caught up with an innovative style and concept and it looks like it will get to a flying start. The Juke is produced at Nissan's Sunderland in the old Micra and has more than 1,200 advance orders. There are more than 1000 jobs through the production of Juke and predicted that further 2000 jobs will be created for the Nissan in general because the production of this model.

The nissan Juke is a compact version of the Qashqai, which is the fifth most popular car in Britain, but has some design quirks. Very busy, the loss curves and accents and has a sense of old-timers. As visually appealing as the exterior, the interior is an example of elegant, innovative and stylish interior center console. Mid-range models are equipped with Nissan Dynamic Control Centre with the push and touch screen technology that focuses on entertainment car as comfortable as possible.

Nissan juke with the juke with engine 1.6 liter 4X4 enthusiasm and encouragement give excellent performance and flexibility. You can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under 8.5 seconds and the car offers 37.5mpg but produces around 175g/km of CO2.
nissan juke interior
The basic model comes in 12,795 OTR, and you will see that there are many standard extras even at entry level. Alloy wheels, six airbags, air conditioning, ESP and remote locking. By building a little extra money you can detect your dream car, with extras such as Bluetooth, dynamic dashboard and climate control make it worth the extra cash.